Perving On My Stepmom And Sharing It Online

My real mother left me and my dad when I was just a kid. Since then, my dad had so many ladyfriends. But he never got into a serious relationship until I was 18. He didn’t want some women coming into my life and messing up my emotional development. However, once I turned 18, he introduced me to Clara, his new girlfriend. Or better said, his new wife. They secretly got married in Vegas and had so much fun together. Clara is a party girl, and my dad loves traveling with her. However, he got a new job and can’t leave the city anymore. He’s working long hours, leaving Clara at home with me.

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Getting Horny For My New Stepmom

I never got to know Clara before she moved in with us. I knew about her existence from my dad’s social media posts. She seemed like a fine lady. A cougar, I might say. Her breasts are pretty big, and she has a killer body despite pushing 50. Although she caught my eye, I’ve never been truly attracted to her. That was until I got to spend more time alone with her. She never tried to seduce me, but her cougar powers got me so horny for her.

Or it might be the clothes she chooses to wear around the house. In the mornings, she’s wearing yoga pants and a sports bra, as she gets ready for the gym. In the afternoons, she dresses up in some of the sexiest office suits I’ve seen for meeting potential clients as a real estate agent. And when she comes back home at night, she’s wearing satin nightgowns and drinks wine in the living room, swiping on her phone or watching reality shows. I can’t help but notice her big tits and hard nipples.

I Only Watch Incest Porn Because Of Her

Her presence in our house is making me crazy. Sometimes, I get so horny because of her that I have to lock up in my room and jerk off only to be able to carry on with my day. And I only jerk off to amateur porn of MILFs since she moved in with us. Not only that, but I try searching for MILFs who are looking just like her, so that I can imagine she’s the one on the screen. I know all her porn star lookalikes. She’s a mix between Sara Jay and Cherrie DeVille.

Because I have no porn of her, a dirty idea popped into my head. What if I snip a photo of her tits and jerk off to it? I did that, zoomed in on her nipples, and I had the best jerk-off session in a while. I even came on my phone thinking I covered her massive titties in my jizz.

She’s Now A Star On A Subreddit

In my MILF porn searches, I came across a Reddit incest porn group, where I found out I’m not alone in my horny suffering. So many other horny men with stepmoms and stepdaughters are going through the same things. It’s like a support group, but instead of helping each other forget these crazy fantasies, we fuel them by sharing voyeur pictures and videos of our hot family members.

I started by uploading that titty pic, but the community demanded more. So, I began snipping pictures of my stepmom every chance I got. I even took a picture of her sleeping naked in my dad’s bed, now the most upvoted post on the channel. All the other horny strangers love her so much that some of them tried to offer me money for her panties. The best I can do is show them pictures of her dirty panties that she leaves in the laundry basket. I never want to have this secret exposed!

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