Lora Fire is a fetish girl

There aren’t really that many women around that you can say are real fetish girls but Lora Fire is exactly that. She’s so deeply into fetish that she makes her own leather clothes.

That’s the best way to make sure they fit properly. She also makes her own leather collars. That’s so she can put them on and let you lead her around wherever you want her to go.

She’s never going to stop loving fetish so you’ll just have to let her be herself when you check her out right here: https://stripchat.com/lora__fire.

She loves to be punished

The most important thing you need to realize about her is that she loves to be punished. She can’t wait to be put over someone’s knee and spanked all night long.

She also loves to be whipped with a belt. That’s how she knows that she did something wrong and has to pay for it.

She’s always up for a spanking while she’s on her VR cam and you get to tell her how hard to do it to herself. You might be surprised at how seriously she takes the whole thing and she’s not going to stop until you give her permission.

Role playing gets her off

If you want to see her really enjoy an orgasm then you have to give her one while she’s role playing with you. Nothing gets her pussy wetter than pretending to be someone else.

She loves to have sex like the other person has it and you never know who she’s going to be. Her favorite scenario is pretending to be a model that’s just not doing what she’s told.

The photographer has no choice but to bend her over his knee and spank her ass until she learns to follow his orders.

She’s always hot

Lora also has an amazing body that she loves to show off to strangers. She’s 36 years old and knows what it takes to look good.

She has an athletic body because she’s always working on it. Her green eyes and black hair are all you need to see to know that you’re in for a very good time when she’s on her vr cam.

She even has a foot fetish that she can’t wait to introduce you to. She wants to show off her cute toes and soft soles to anyone who wants to suck on them for her.

Play with her right now
Don’t wait another minute before you head into her room and let yourself have a very good time with her.

She’s desperately in need of a good spanking and you’re not going to be able to leave until you give her one.

Tell her what she did wrong and she’s going to be on her knees and waiting for your orders to start. It’s that simple and you’ll never have to look around for a girl who’s more perfect than her. She’s the best around and you get to have her whenever you want.

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