How Will Meta Treat Adult Content

metaverse and porn

Horizon Worlds, Meta’s platform that lets people create virtual worlds for shared experiences, is expanding what type of content is allowed in virtual worlds.

As part of the company’s updated policy, creators are now allowed to add “mature” content to worlds they create, which was previously banned.

Meta is now allowing content that was previously banned – this according to a Wayback Machine archive of its Horizon Mature Worlds Policy page.

Previously, Horizon Worlds prohibited depictions of sexually suggestive content, regulated goods and activities, and graphic violence. Depending on the maturity level of your world, you may in future be able to include those types of things.

Restrictions remain, of course. Here’s how they work….

If you mark your world as mature, there is no restriction on “sexually suggestive” content. Nudity, depictions of people in explicit positions, and sexually provocative content are all still prohibited though.

Substances regulated by the government and violence are also subject to regulation. A mature world can promote marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, or age-restricted activities (including gambling) but not illegal drugs or prescription drug abuse.

Real-life violence cannot be shown in fictional content, even if it is intense or excessively violent.

Several places have blurry lines, as you may have gathered. When it comes to sex, who will decide what is too suggestive? Several states in the US consider weed an illegal drug…many don’t.

Metaverse moderation is a crucial part of Meta’s success, but creators who want to push the boundaries may run into issues with their creations.

¬†As its policy page states, Meta has been struggling to make Horizon a “safe and welcoming environment for all.”
After complaints that people had been mimicking sexual harassment during the game’s beta, it implemented a system that prevents other users from getting too close to your avatar.
Those who aren’t friends with you, can also make the voices of others unintelligible, which may go someway to preventing harassment in virtual public spaces.

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