Dream Vikky Makes VR Cam Dreams Come True

If there’s one thing that Dream Vikky wants to make absolutely clear, it’s that she’s here to make your VR cams dreams come true and that’s it.

She’s not just going to sit around on her cam and make friends all day. She has a passion and that passion is hearing your deepest and most humiliating fantasies so she can make them real for you. You have to be open with her and you have to trust in all the things that she does for you.

She just wants to make you happy and helping you live out your dreams is the best way for her to do that.

Her body is meant for pleasure

One look at her is all you need to see that her entire body is supposed to be used for pleasure. It’s in her medium build and every curve that she shows off to you. Her long red hair and green eyes are just there to get you on the hook.

Once you’re seduced by them, you’ll never be able to refuse anything that she wants to do to you. The simple way she smiles at you is more than enough to make you weak in the knees.

Her mouth is only the beginning

If you’re ever lucky enough to feel her mouth slide down onto your shaft then you’re only experiencing the very beginning of what she’s prepared to do for you. Her blowjobs can make a man explode in a few seconds flat, but she doesn’t want you to do that.

She wants you to hold back and save it all for her ass. Vikky is an anal girl and nothing makes her feel like a woman more than having a man penetrate her back door. She loves the way it hurts but feels so good at the same time.

Gentle sex makes her moan

That’s not to say that Dream Vikky just wants a hard banging and nothing more. If she has to pick one kind of sex to have for the rest of her life then it’s going to be gentle sex. Taking things slowly and making them as erotic as possible is what really gets her off.

She’ll tell you when she wants you to go hard, but make sure you start off soft and let her enjoy the throbbing erection that she gave you with her mouth.

She loves to play dress up

Don’t waste another minute of your life without Dream Vikky. She’s ready to play with you and she’s willing to become anyone that you want her to be. She has latex and nylon ready to put on and all you have to do is let her into your fantasy world.

She’s going to make sure that you walk away with a whole new appreciation for sex and the female body. She wants you to use her for your own pleasure anytime you need it. Just let her know how you want it and she’ll make sure that you get it.

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